Tuesday, March 10, 2009


The Durham Bulls are well positioned for current market conditions, as an economist might say. The annual Fan Cost Index has been released. To us, it’s a key economic indicator. 

Lifting a few lines from our news release…

A fun night at the Durham Bulls Athletic Park in 2009 will cost a family of four only $43.50, $11 less than the Minor League Baseball average and $18 less than the Triple-A average. Incredibly, the Bulls are almost $6.00 less expensive than the league average for Short Season/Rookie League Baseball. (The survey is based on the price of two adult tickets; two children’s tickets; four hot dogs; two sodas; two beers; a program and parking.)

An evening at the ballpark is the epitome of value investing. Maybe that explains why Warren Buffett is part owner of the Omaha Royals. (The Royals are giving away a Warren Buffet bobble-head in May!)

Despite that valueBull news, I have to admit that preseason ticket sales have been a little sluggish. However, we were greatly encouraged by the turnout for our annual Fanfest on March 6th. It was a beautiful day and a record-setting 2300 people showed up. I would like to think that’s another key economic indicator.

I apologize for the ticket and concession lines, but we weren’t expecting the big crowd. It spilled onto the diamond where fans could take BP and play catch. The field was covered with people.

It’s a good thing that our head groundskeeper, Scott Strickland, was out of town. He would have been pretty stressed with all those folks working out on his freshly cut, perfectly manicured, thick green grass. The upside: Scott was in Puerto Rico. He was invited to work on the grounds crew for the World Baseball Classic. An honor for Scott. A good forecast for the Bulls. Opening Day is April 9th.