Friday, April 3, 2009

twitter with the Bulls

If you really want to know what’s going on behind the scenes here at the DBAP…then twitter with us.

twitter is the latest Internet social networking sensation, and it has been embraced by Bulls’ General Manager Mike Birling. During the day, Mike broadcasts brief text messages (from his Blackberry) about ballpark happenings. You can read them on twitter’s web site and/or on your cell phone.

This is the cyber version of Tourette syndrome...or GPS for the frontal lobe…but I find it very useful. Thanks to twitter I’m thoroughly up-to-date. I know what Mike’s thinking…what he’s working on…what’s about to happen before it happens. You can, too: (After you register, you will see a find people button. Click on that and search for Durham Bulls. You will soon find yourself swimming in Mike's stream of consciousness!)

Still, the web is no substitute for the real make a personal appearance at the ballpark on April 9th. Opening Day. First pitch: 7:05pm.

twitter screen shot from 4/3/09 - inside Mike Birling's head: