Thursday, May 28, 2009

Batting Practice & the Nine Inning Vacation

While the Bulls are ensconced in downtown Durham, we consider ourselves to be “the Triangle’s Team” given our regional fan base. We’ve been selling over a half million tickets each season and the team’s economic impact on the wider community is pegged at $22million annually per the Durham Convention and Visitors Bureau. 50% of our patrons hail from neighboring Wake County - thank you very much - and to that end we were honored to host the Greater Raleigh Sports Council for lunch and a private batting practice earlier this month.

This is Scott Dupree at home plate indulging his childhood dream of playing in the Majors. Like so many of us Scott ended up, not on the field, but in the business of sports. He’s VP of Sports Marketing for the Greater Raleigh CVB. Still, his form is pretty impressive. I’m thinking he spent some time in the batting cage (or in front of the mirror?) before coming over for BP.

Thanks to Durham Bulls GM Mike Birling for throwing BP to our guests. We lost track of his pitch count - something well over 200 – and he didn’t need to ice his shoulder afterwards. He’s a front office warrior!

The Greater Raleigh Sports Council will return to the DBAP en masse on June 2nd for a Family Night Out with the Bulls. Click here for info.

We’re beginning a home stand on 5/29 against Buffalo. With the Memorial Day holiday behind us, I consider this to be the beginning of summer…so join us in Durham for the National Pastime. Take a nine inning vacation. Click here for tickets. You won’t regret it!