Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Ample Leg Room

What’s wrong with this picture?

Yes, our seats are missing! A major waterproofing/fireproofing project is underway at the ballpark during the off-season, and the seats have been removed…about six thousand of them at this point. The DBAP looks naked.

Why? All of the joints have to be re-caulked and a sealant will be applied to the concrete. It’s a high-tech membrane that will keep water out of our offices and concession stands beneath the seating bowl.

After 15 seasons (the DBAP opened in 1995) it’s a bit leaky “down under” and a few front office employees have developed a mildew problem. It’s interfering with their social lives!

~ ~ ~ ~

Ticket patrons can pick their seats for 2010…and even take them home for the winter. (…just kidding.)

...and we now have seating on the concourse. I question this marketing strategy.

...hope this project is finished on schedule, or you may be asked to bring a lawn chair to Opening Day. (...just kidding.)

Photo credit: Molly Boyce