Thursday, January 21, 2010

Championship Retail Stats

The Durham Bulls ranked third in merchandise sales last year among all Minor League teams. I wouldn’t be so quick to brag about winning the bronze medal, but the gold and silver went to teams with extraordinary advantages.

The number one team moved into a new ballpark with a new name and logo. Every fan needs a cap or shirt bearing the new brand. Number two was a brand new team. Again, that generates high volume.

So, third place is pretty good for the venerable Bulls’ block D logo. And I give a good measure of credit to our retail manager Bryan Wilson. He joined us three years ago from Dick’s Sporting Goods. Bryan has a knack for trends.

While the top-selling items are ballpark staples - caps and t-shirts – sales for youth apparel are way up, and Bryan is increasing our women’s selection by 50% this coming season. We have authentic gear for wannabe ball players, but we're really outfitting the entire family!

The Bulls' Ballpark Corner Store is open during the winter. Come in for a visit. We'll even let you wander around the stadium.

Do you have your National Championship t-shirt? Fitted cap? Foam finger?

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