Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Windows 2010 - a major upgrade!

Check out our new windows!

The Durham Bulls Athletic Park is in the midst of a facelift - some cosmetic surgery at the hands of Signal Design and Jones Sign. The window murals are the work or Triangle Sign and the banners below come from AMI Graphics.

Signal is a design firm with considerable tenure at the DBAP. Jones is a new partner. They did signage at the Bobcats' Time Warner Cable Arena in Charlotte and they're working on the new NASCAR Hall of Fame there. Triangle Sign and AMI routinely handle our signs and banners.

On the inside, we pay homage to the Bulls' rich history with a new set of championship banners. Before the 2009 Triple A and International League Championships, there were very good years in the NC State, Piedmont and Carolina Leagues...

Bulls' GM Mike Birling imagineered this project. A good blend of history in the ballpark with a contemporary touch on the exterior. Nice work, Mike!