Thursday, August 26, 2010

Back to Duke

It's back to school this week, and that probably had an impact on our attendance Tuesday and Wednesday. There's an upside, though: We hosted the Duke freshman class on 8/25. As part of their Durham orientation, the class of 2014 was invited to a Bulls game. An excellent way to begin one's higher education! We had about 1200 Blue Devils dine at the American Tobacco Campus and attend the game.

The freshman class totals 1,745 this year. Duke received 27,000 applications. A select group. The combined GPA of Bulls patrons reached an all-time high Wednesday night!

From Duke's web site:
The Class of 2014 represents 48 states and 54 countries. North Carolina is the state that produced the most students with 202 (11.5 percent), followed by New York with 155 (8.8 percent), California with 152 (8.7 percent), and Florida with 147 (8.4 percent). This year's class sets a record for the second year in a row for the number of Latino students in a first-year class 136), and contains the third-highest number of black first-year students (180) in the university's history. Almost 11 percent (190) are from other countries. READ MORE/CLICK HERE

Photo credit: Ashley Yarber Photography