Saturday, October 2, 2010

Ducks Race in Durham

It was a gorgeous fall afternoon in Durham for the Fox50 Family Fest.

The highlight of the Saturday event was the Great American Tobacco Duck Race on the Old Bull River.

Our Explorer Post 50 has raised just over $10,000 for its college scholarship program selling rubber ducks for the race. [updated 10/5/ pledges & cash trickle in]

This was a major money raiser for Post 50 as we have recently established the scholarship fund at the Triangle Community Foundation. We're off to a good start!

Thanks to the Post members for selling all those ducks. Schlepping tiny, yellow, rubber duckies was a challenging assignment for high school students. (No one died of embarrassment, though.) Post 50 advisor Ken Bland (volunteer extraordinaire) and Bulls media relations manager Matt DeMargel deserve high fives, too.

...and THANK YOU to our business partners who purchased the high-end, top-notch corporate ducks:

Design Hammer - Bulls' web site
SportsMedia - TV broadcast scoring system
USA Baseball - HQ at the DBAP
Ticket Return - Bulls' ticket system
AMI Graphics - digital sign printer for the DBAP
Worldwide Ticketcraft - Bulls' ticket stock provider

We appreciate your support of Explorer Post 50. Thanks!

A tsunami of rubber ducks in the Old Bull River at American Tobacco.