Monday, June 27, 2011

Tour de Fat en Durham

The Tour de Fat made its first visit to NC Saturday on the American Tobacco campus. This isn't a bike race, rather a cycling parade and festival. It's sponsored by Fat Tire beer from New Belgium Brewing.

Bikes and beer? Actually, it works when you put a little distance between the two key elements.

Valerie Ward, events impresario at American Tobacco, reports 500 participants - a record for a first-time stop on the Tour de Fat.

$10,000 was raised for the event beneficiaries...

- the Durham Bike Co-op, they teach cyclists how to do basic maintenance and repair and distribute used cycles to people who can't afford them.

- Triangle Spokes Group, they raise funds to purchase new bikes for needy children at Christmas.

- N.C. Active Transportation Alliance, they promote cycling, skating, running and walking - activities where you provide the energy and locomotion vs. an internal combustion engine.

The News & Observer covered the Tour. I recommend Chuck Liddy's photography. Click here.