Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Independence Day Rain Check

USA-USA-USA the crowd chanted as America's college all-stars beat Japan Tuesday evening 4-3...but the Bull City crowd gave a standing ovation to the Japanese players. Baseball brings out the best in us!

Our Independence Day "rain check" was a big success. We had about seven thousand folks show up on a work night to watch Team USA vs. Japan and a fantastic fireworks display. (The City of Durham won a grant from Liberty Mutual for extra pyrotechnics and Bulls' GM Mike Birling worked some magic with his insider knowledge of fireworks procurement.)

It was the best fireworks show I've ever seen at the ballpark. Keep in mind that we don't have Boston Harbor to work with when staging fireworks. We're launching them from the field, and there are altitude restrictions imposed on our downtown site. It's remarkable that we're able to set the Durham sky ablaze in breathtaking fashion!

Here's how the game ended for Team USA - a victory lap with the American flag and the All American Cupid Shuffle...

WRAL TV5 Sports talked with Team USA's closer - from Duke University - Marcus Stroman who consistently throws in the mid-nineties...