Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Shop 'til You Drop

Happy Thanksgiving! While I prefer food, family and football, we’re jumping on the retail bandwagon.

Attention shopaholics: Our team store is open Friday from 9-2 featuring 25-50% savings. Check out our new line of Nike gear for the 2012 National Championship Game at the DBAP.

On Monday, November 28th, the savings continue on-line. Get 25% off with this couponcode: cybermonday

Include tickets with your textiles. 2012 miniplans are on sale now.

I’m very proud of the Bulls’ retail operation. We won a season long contest among Minor League Baseball team stores.

Our manager, Bryan Wilson, and his able assistant, Casey Wasserman, received a VIP trip to games three and four of the World Series. That included tickets to the MLB World Series Gala at the Ft. Worth Zoo where they met Rangers’ manager Ron Washington and dined on beef from Nolan Ryan’s ranch.

"Both games were amazing to witness. At game three, we were there to see Albert Pujols make history with his triple homer performance. 51,000 fans were pleading with the Rangers to just walk him!

We jumped on the Rangers bandwagon, and cheered for Josh Hamilton and Matt Harrison, our hometown connection on the Rangers.

When you hear sportscasters talk about the “electricity” surrounding a big game, I always thought it was embellished, but I had chills for both games. The stadium literally shook when the crowd was cheering.

Bryan's pix: Josh Hamilton takes BP

Pujols in legendary form

I was able to live out a baseball fan’s dream thanks to my Ballpark Corner staff. They are the best I have ever had the pleasure to work with, and they deserved to go far more than I did."
Bryan Wilson, Bulls Retail Manager