Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Matsui's Entourage

BIG, BIG week at the DBAP. The atmosphere is Major League. Hideki Matsui is in the house. Aaron Shoonmaker writes about his debut for Tonight, Kevin Youkilis plays for the PawSox, and Dice-K pitches on Thursday. 

We have thirty-five members of the Japanese sports press visiting Durham, and more are expected by Thursday. It was crowded in the press box last night. 

Our press box is the size of your we created a media work room in our storage area.

Another international aspect of Matsui’s donning a Bulls uniform - we have Japanese advertisers. Notice the media back drop. That’s an ad for a Japanese law firm

And behind home plate - in the right-hand corner of this screenshot - that sponsor is a Japanese men's salon

Mayberry goes global! And WELCOME to our Japanese visitors.