Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Old & Faded

Some days I feel old and faded…but that’s a good thing when it comes to team logos. On apparel, the vintage or distressed look is popular. It works especially well with baseball, the vintage American sport, circa 1850.

Chapel Hill artist Michael Brown has taken up residence at the ballpark this week painting a vintage version of the Bulls' logo in our elevator lobbies.

Michael is renowned for his giant murals and vintage sign painting. In my opinion, his greatest work is our signature snorting bull that sits atop the Blue Monster outfield wall. He created the latest version by hand, circa 2008.

Slide show (from of the Bull's creation

Digitally printed vinyl graphics are the norm, so it’s good to support and prominently display the work of a gifted local artist.

Michael Brown’s website
A interview w/Michael