Thursday, September 6, 2012

Gearing Up for the Natl Championship

Bulls GM Mike Birling got some face time on TV5 Thursday as Durham prepares to host the Gildan Triple-A National Championship Game September 18th. Click here for the video.

The Bull City's reputation gets a boost from Duke hoops in the winter on ESPN and CBS. Now it's our turn with a baseball showdown on the NBC Sports Network, piped into 75 million homes.

This game has never been played on the east coast, and we look forward to sharing southern hospitality with Triple-A team owners and executives from the 29 other markets that comprise the International and Pacific Coast Leagues. Every club will be represented from Sacramento to Pawtucket, from Tacoma to New Orleans.

Aside from the game, the club representatives are here for league meetings and a 9/17 gala at Duke's Cameron Indoor Stadium. Also, they will tour our region's sports facilities - the Smith Center at UNC, the PNC Arena and the historic Durham Athletic Park. The latter, site of Bull Durham, is a holy shrine in the world of Minor League Baseball!

Join us at the DBAP on September 18th. Dress outrageously, paint a sign (or yourself)...and maybe you will end up on national television!?! Got tickets?