Sunday, April 7, 2013

Opening Day!!! It's here!!!

I don't remember a Monday home opener - or going head to head with the national hoops championship - but the Bulls will enthusiastically play the cards we have been dealt. Click here for the run-down on our first home stand of the 2013 season.

The scheduling craziness has turned out to be a blessing given the weather forecast. It's likely to be 70+ degrees for the first pitch at 6:05pm. Springtime and baseball! 

And we will cap it off with post-game fireworks. I'm not sure that's ever happened on a Monday night in downtown Durham!?!

Come early - gates open at 5:00. Before the game we will honor NC State Trooper Michael Potts who was shot in the hand, shoulder and head during a February 18th traffic stop. Before his career in law enforcement Potts was a ball player...pitching for the 1992 Bulls when we were the Atlanta Braves Single-A affiliate.