Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Indy Week on Bull City Summer

Bull City Summer made the cover of Indy Week on 7/31. The multi-media documentary project is the subject of two articles in last week's publication.

BCS is a season-long study of the Durham Bulls - not just the team - but the ballpark ecosystem: the game, the players, the fans, the staff, the ballpark, downtown Durham. Every facet, every angle of the season is explored with photography, prose and video. It will culminate with a photography exhibition at the NC Museum of Art next year and the publication of a book. Regarding the latter, it can be pre-ordered.

Regarding the Indy Week story about Hiroshi Watanbe, it was an honor to meet this LA-based, world class photographer...and to have him visit the DBAP.  In the photo above, he is explaining the inner workings of his Hasselblad camera after loading the film. (Do you remember film?) This isn't point and shoot photography! His take on Bulls will be featured in the 2014 exhibition at the NCMA.