Sunday, December 15, 2013

Bull Durham to Broadway!??!

Bull Durham is the gift that keeps on giving! We celebrated the film's 25th anniversary this past summer, and now a musical is in the works. That announcement came last week at the Baseball Winter Meetings in Orlando. ( story)

This isn't pie in the sky. The show has accomplished producers, a script and score. Casting is underway. It's off-Broadway debut will be in Atlanta next fall. That's where it's tweaked and readied for the Great White Way in 2015. Be patient. (Musical website)

At a reception hosted by the producers, Susan Werner - guitar in hand - performed a couple of the songs that she has written for the show. In my humble opinion, she has channeled Annie Savoy. It's uncanny! 

After talking with Werner, writer Ron Shelton and the producers, I'm predicting a raucous, southern fried extension of the beloved, iconic movie.

Speaking of gifts and Bull Durham, on Friday we received a shipment from Nike of the wildly popular Lollygaggers t-shirts. They are available online at our Ballpark Corner Store