Monday, February 24, 2014

Opening Day - At the Museum

Our team is all about baseball - the game, the players, their quest for the Majors - but I have a new perspective on our ballpark. It’s all about people and place. The fans, our staff, the downtown Durham surroundings. That’s what hit me at the opening of Bull City Summer yesterday, the photography exhibit at the North Carolina Museum of Art.

A phalanx of photographers followed the Bulls last year, and their multiple, diverse perspectives are on display. Truth be told, they were fascinated with people, not baseball, from portraits of Mayor Bill Bell…to the concessions vendors…to the folks who enjoy the anonymity of their outfield seats. 

One wall is devoted to hundreds of tiny photos as the camera crew attempted to photograph everyone who attended our last regular season game in 2013. They didn’t actually accomplish their mission, but it feels like it as you stare at the wall and pick out all the people you know.

Yet another work of art: My wife and I had brunch Sunday at the museum café, Iris. Try the Oak City Benedict: poached egg and ham atop a fried green tomato slice resting upon a sweet potato biscuit.(I don't know much about art, but I know about eatin'!)