Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Jackie's Landing

A new feature of the renovated DBAP - my favorite - is a 10,000 square foot concourse on the third level of the ball yard. It offers a spacious "overlook" of right field with Jackie Robinson Dr. as its southern boundary. Hence, we have named the new gathering place Jackie's Landing

You will find southern fare atop Jackie's Landing - a new barbecue joint and fish camp. And you can watch the game from an old fashioned section of bleachers. The 42 Bar is situated in the middle serving up craft beer and spirits.

To commemorate the Robinson tribute, we commissioned a painting by Raleigh artist Pete Sack. He creates colorful images in the style of vintage trading cards. Drawing baseball players as a kid sparked his interest in art. He went on to earn a BFA in painting at ECU, and his fascination with the National Pastime persists.