Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Just Another Night at the DBAP. NOT!

Better than 8,500 attended the Dylan-Nelson-Mellencamp concert Tuesday night. Thankfully, we dodged the storms that hit Raleigh, Cary, Apex, etc...and it turned out to me a magical night for Boomer Nation. I'm too uptight to dance, but it's uplifting to see 50-somethings let loose!

It must be bittersweet for artists on these nostalgia tours. The fans are longing to relive their glory days, but the performer - not stuck in time - might have something new to share. Mellencamp asked the audience if they wanted to hear his old songs or new music. The answer was overwhelmingly in favor of the old stuff. It seems like the music of our youth is burned into our memories and hearts. It must have something to do with a mysterious interaction of hormones, beer and romance!?!

Photos: Mellencamp (Brian Flemming), Nelson (, crowd shot (Lea Johnson)

Pix of Dylan were forbidden. I suppose that's a good way to maintain one's status as a legend. If you have any camera phone shots, send 'em along!

...back to reality: Bulls return to the DBAP Saturday. Come see us!