Thursday, July 9, 2009

Alex Montoyo - A True Champion

We are all about fun and games...mascots...fireworks...comfort food (& beverage) entertainment.

Like any family, however, we have our challenges and worries. Case in point: The infant son of our manager Charlie Monotyo. Alex was born with a heart defect. It's been a bumpy ride for the little guy and his family. Last year our generous fans donated $27,000 to help with the Montoyo's medical expenses.

...but Alex is a warrior, and he's recovering from a recent heart operation - a very successful surgery. Charlie missed nine games, but we expected him to be out for a full month. It's good to have Charlie back on the field, and we're celebrating with the Montoyo family!

Check out these two articles:
A recent piece from the News and Observer and a really good ESPN story from last year that provides more background and some good pix.

Charlie isn’t shy about his faith and the power of prayer. It's been inspirational to witness the support he’s received from several Catholic parishes.

Bulls’ broadcaster Ken Tanner leads a Rosary group at St. Michaels in Cary that’s been praying consistently for the family, and two Priests, Father Sal Busichio from Cathedral of the Sacred Heart in Raleigh and Father Jim Dull from St. Catherine’s in Wake Forest, have become regulars here at the ballpark in support of Charlie. I’m told they offered a private Mass at the precise time of Alex’s surgery.

When Charlie’s friends say “we’re praying for you” they mean it, indeed!