Friday, May 14, 2010


Over the past couple of weeks I’ve had the opportunity to speak with middle school students in Halifax County and a group of high school teachers in Durham. My pitch to both groups: kids playing sports should prepare for a career in the business of sports...just in case their dream of playing sports fizzles. Have a back-up plan!

Consider the stats:

There are over 455,000 kids playing high school baseball in America. There are 7300 freshman roster positions across all colleges/universities, and 5700 will be playing as seniors. 600 will be drafted annually. The percent of high school senior players that make it to pro baseball is .5%.

Lets look at hoops:
550,000 youth are playing basketball in HS. There are 4500 freshmen roster spots at the college level…3500 senior players…and approx 44 will be drafted. High school seniors to pro = .03%.

I’m not trying to throw cold water on a kid’s dream, but they can use their education to prepare for a career in the sports business: sales and marketing, finance, food service, turf management, communications, IT.

Play sports. Prepare for a career in the front office.

BTW, I visited Enfield Middle School in Halifax County at the behest of Teach for America. Great school. Dedicated staff. Promising young scholars. Glad I made the trip.
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Here in the Bull City we recently honored Teacher of the Year nominees from the Durham Public Schools...

From left to right:
Emily Greenstreet, Northern High School
JeVar Bransome, Shepard Magnet Middle School
Takesha Trapp, Pearsontown Elementary School
Rebecca Myers, Rogers-Herr Middle School
Matt Hunt, Northern High School - 2009-10 Teacher of the Year

...and the winner is: