Monday, May 3, 2010

Fusion of Fan & Fashion

Nike and Under Armour are household names, but there’s another brand of team apparel that’s incredibly popular…and gobbling up floor space in our retail store.

It’s known by the number ’47 - Banner ’47 apparel and ’47 Twins headwear.

The company was founded by two Italian immigrants in Boston. They got their start as kids making pennants for Red Sox fans. Now it's caps and tees...a must-have for celebrities. Check out the photos on their web site.

Today, the company supplies MLB/MiLB, NHL, NBA and 450 colleges. They are everywhere! They understand (or seem to set) trends in fan apparel. ‘47 creates a fusion of fan and fashion. I lifted that phrase from their web site, and it rings true. '47 has its own section in our store - THE BULL PEN:

...and you are welcome to shop on-line. Click here.