Friday, June 18, 2010

More Turf Talk

Wouldn’t you like to rip out your lawn and replace it in 48 hours. This could be a show on HGTV!

When the Bulls return home on Friday, 6/25, the team will be playing on a brand new infield.

The old turf was stripped off and new sod was meticulously installed in a carefully choreographed, two-day operation June 14-15. I thought the Army Corps of Engineers had landed at the DBAP. Instead, it was Precision Turf of Buford GA with a tractor trailer load of sod from Sandhill Turf near Pinehurst. Of course, we get our grass from the Carolina sandhills. Those country club bloodlines are primo.

We’ve never tackled a project like this mid-season, but the year began with 18 Duke baseball games followed by 32 Bulls springtime games. The field had been rode mighty hard…so we hit the reset button for our summer run. We want everything to be perfect for the July 4th holiday.

Meanwhile, you can watch the grass grow on our web cam. Keep an eye on Head Groundskeeper Scott Strickland. Observe his NASCAR inspired mowing technique…and join us next weekend as the Bulls play Lehigh Valley, the Phillies Triple A affiliate.

Photo credit: Ashley Yarber