Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Where Beer Takes Flight

I'm not a big beer drinker - because my waist has gotten too big. A guilty pleasure, however, can been found at Tyler's Taproom on the American Tobacco Campus.

It's what they call a "seasonal flight" - a sampler of summertime brews - four, four-ounce pours. On my last visit, I tried...

Skinny Dip (Fort Collins, CO)
Harpoon Summer (Boston, MA)
Liberty Ale (San Franciso, CA)

(I asked the waitress to write the names on a napkin so that I could conduct this scholarly research for you.)

Another BIG reason to visit Tyler's: they now have our Bullpen Pale Ale on tap at their Durham and Apex locations. Bullpen is brewed by the Carolina Brewery of Chapel Hill and Pittsboro and served in their brewpubs, too. Bullpen is developing a following, and other restaurants are adding it to their menus this summer. I'm trying to get a list...stay tuned...

One more thing: This Saturday, from 12-1, we broadcast live (AM620/The Buzz) from Tyler's in Durham. Bulls radio announcer Neil Solondz hosts the Bulls' Beat. He will bring several players along. Join them for lunch...and a seasonal flight. (Everything in moderation, of course.)