Sunday, May 15, 2011

Behind the scenes...

Our local newspaper, The Herald-Sun, did a wonderful series on some of the unheralded jobs at our ballpark.

They are interesting stories - along with video essays - about unique jobs and off-limits parts of the DBAP.

~ ~ ~

Consider our manual scoreboard. No electronics. There’s a human being behind those numbers.

Chris Ivy is his name, and he resides in the belly of the outfield wall during every game. You gotta love baseball to do that job!

Another off-limits area: the locker room (or the “clubhouse” as it’s distinctly known in baseball.) It’s the players’ private realm of food, fitness club, physical therapy, laundry and video games.

What’s it like for assistant “clubbie” Daniel Jordan to work in this secret world?

Click here for an index to the entire series about the scoreboard, clubhouse, snow cone barker and groundskeeper.