Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Most Memorable ACC Baseball Tourney

The University of Virginia won yet another ACC title Sunday. The finale of the five-day event was uneventful compared to Friday and Saturday.

Friday featured the longest game in tournament history. The contest began Thursday evening between NC State and Ga. Tech and ended Friday at 12:40 am after five hours and 488 pitches. The game lasted fifteen innings! (NCSU lost.)

And the dawn brought more drama on Friday. The schedule was turned upside down by five inches of rain. (Bulls' GM Mike Birling reports five, but groundskeeper Scott Strickland says it was seven inches.)

The Friday monsoon forced a rescheduling for Saturday. Yet another record: Five games played at the DBAP in one day.

Our staff - baseball's warriors - fell on their swords (or bats?) for this one. It was a 100 hour work week.

"We return to our regularly scheduled programming" as they say on TV. The Bulls are at home Memorial Day through June 6th playing Columbus and Pawtucket.

Friday on Lake DBAP. The grounds crew allegedly caught a catfish in the outfield.