Tuesday, July 6, 2010

It's Cool to Care!

We used our July 4th game as a platform to recognize "good things happening in Durham" as Mayor Bell is fond of saying...and two groups serving the Bull City.

With a captive audience of 12,000 - awaiting the fireworks show Sunday night - Durham's annual It's Cool to Care awards were announced.

On the left are young folks from Durham Habitat's YOUTH UNITED. On the right, representatives of TEAMING FOR TECHNOLOGY, an arm of United Way of the Greater Triangle. They're receiving their service trophies from Bulls' GM Mike Birling and Wool E. Bull.

Please, click on the links above and watch the videos. Learn more about these great organizations.

HATS OFF to Al Reynolds and Joe Burgess with T4T...and to Deidre Callahan and her crew of YOUTH UNITED at Habitat. Yes, it's cool to care!