Tuesday, November 23, 2010

American League MVP - Josh Hamilton

I would say there was a 99 percent chance that this would never happen. I mean, honestly, I think a lot of people would agree with that. Josh Hamilton quoted by the AP

We are big-time happy for Raleigh's Josh Hamilton. A well deserved honor for the Texas Rangers' slugger. The balloting was announced today. As the AP story puts it: This was one of baseball's most inspirational turnarounds. Eight trips to rehab...three lost seasons...and now he's a major force in the Majors.
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I'm a serious believer in second chances. (I've had my share, thankfully.) So, if it's within your power to extend such grace to someone, remember Josh, and do it!

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I was disappointed with the World Series TV ratings. Nationally, they were off 25-30%. Dallas and San Fran apparently weren't as compelling as the Yankees vs. just about anyone. Hard to swallow that. It was even worse in Raleigh-Durham. We were off by 50% over last year. 68,000 households were tuned in, though. I suppose that constitutes the Triangle chapter of the Josh Hamilton Fan Club!

The ratings generated a lot of chatter on sports talk radio. I'm not too concerned about the popularity debates. Sure, the NFL is numero uno, but baseball's real problem is saturation. Pro football is rationed: 16 games over four months. I have to remind myself that there's an awful lot of baseball. Twice as much as the NBA or NHL. There are 162 regular season baseball games. Across 30 teams that's 4,860 games before we get to the playoffs and World Series. Fans probably have baseball fatigue by late October...but after a brief rest...they are perennially psyched for Spring Training! Baseball endures.

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While we are on the subject of the World Series, I should correct the record: Josh Hamilton wasn't our sole connection to the Texas Rangers. Former Bull
Jorge Cantu was on the team, too. He helped the Rangers win their division championship with an RBI and homer in the decisive game...but he wasn't in the line-up for the Series.

Way back in 2003, Cantu was a major contributor to the Bulls' championship run. He returned to Durham in '04 earning a spot on the International League's post-season all-star team.

Thanks to blogger Chris Wise of
www.watchingdurhambullsbaseball.com for the reminder. Nice save, Chris.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!