Sunday, November 21, 2010

Wolfpack vs. Tar Heels

I try to keep this blog nonpartisan. Occasionally, I slip up and write something less than complimentary about the Yankees or Red Sox. However, I avoid politics and the most incendiary topic of all - college rivalries.

Regarding the latter, it’s time for transparency. I confess that I’m a NC State fan, and Saturday’s 29-25 Wolfpack win over the Tar Heels was fine by me.

Removed from the fanatics (and hot tempers) in Chapel Hill, I snapped this photo at the Streets at Southpoint Saturday evening in Durham. I assume it was unintentional, but this clothing store had marked down its blazers...and the display was predominately Carolina Blue. A little retail humor:

Our company handles NC State's sports broadcasts and marketing for the athletic department - Wolfpack Sports Marketing. That includes apparel. May I suggest this T-shirt...perfect for Holiday gifting!