Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Culinary Tour of the DBAP

Visiting MBA students want to know about our business model, and I’m quick to explain that it’s pretty simple: Each patron purchases a ticket, a cap or t-shirt - and here’s the critical element - each patron should visit our food court or concession stand between EVERY inning. If a half million people do that from April to August, we'll have a good season.

Tammy Scott, the manager of Centerplate, has been working on our menu offerings during the off-season. Here’s her new and improved “eat between every inning” concessions strategy for the 2011 season:

We have a new purveyor of hot dogs - Brightleaf pork and beef dawgs from Carolina Packers in Smithfield NC.

At the Carolina Brewery concession stand you will find Johnsonville brats plus Italian, Polish and veggie sausages. We’ve added a Texas toast grilled cheese sandwich and a Philly cheesesteak. There’s a chicken version, too. Finally, look for the new Chipstix, a ribbon cut, fried potato on a stick with a variety of seasonings.

Our gourmet barbecue is new this season…shipped over from the renowned Pit in Raleigh. At the Pit’s stand you will find two new offerings - fried pickles and loaded tater tots.

We’ve also added tacos and wings at several stands.

Pizza: Papa John’s has come to the DBAP! And you will find a hot meatball sub at the Papa John’s stand.

Another big brand with a new stand - Moe’s Southwest Grill...featuring burritos, nachos and salads.

That's a recap of our new offerings, but I assure you that Chick-fil-A is returning along with Rita's Italian Ice and Frozen Custard. Rita's is expanding to handle the demand.

Words are inadequate to describe our menu. This is really about smell and taste - so eat your way around the DBAP - beginning Thursday, April 14th. Gates and food court open at 6:00 PM.