Friday, April 1, 2011

Rays Open Tonight!

And so it begins: the Tampa Bay Rays play the Baltimore Orioles tonight at 7:10. Former Durham Bull David Price will pitch before a sell-out crowd at the Trop in St. Pete. How sweet it is!

I'm not getting a kick-back or commission for this; still, I'm compelled to recommend some hardware and software that will profoundly enhance one's baseball fandom. It does require an investment, about $615 total: an iPad ($500), with the At Bat app ($15) and MLB.TV's video streaming subscription ($100).

This stuff will work on a computer or smart phone, but the iPad takes it to another level. It becomes an amazing portable television with impressive video quality.You can watch games from every MLB team and geek out on stats.

Disclaimer: There's a hidden cost to this mobile, multimedia investment - HOURS OF YOUR TIME WATCHING BASEBALL. How sweet it is!