Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Dance Fever @ the World Series

It's an unwritten rule in the sports biz that you don't reveal the identity of your mascot.

Yes, there is a human being inside that costume. Don't tell the kids!!!

This video clip (below) is a former Wool E. Bull - who shall remain nameless - entertaining at the World Series.

BTW, before serving as Wool E. Bull he was Mr. Wuf at NCSU.
What a pedigree!

Our current Wool E. Bull isn't put out to pasture for the fall and winter. He is loitering around the ballpark - a mascot without purpose and direction. He's available for festivals, corporate/non-profit events, even for your kid's birthday party. Send his executive assistant an e-mail; click here. His people will call your people.

And consider inviting Wool E. to your house for Thanksgiving. He needs something to do.