Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Futbol in the News

There's a buzz about the possibility of MLS in the Triangle.

The Carolina RailHawks have invited the president of Major League Soccer to our community. Mark Abbot will meet with the media and futbol fans at Backyard Bistro in Raleigh Thursday afternoon. More from

Luke DeCock penned a pro-MLS column in Saturday's N&O:

"...there are few markets in the country with more interest in the sport at every level than the Triangle."

Luke is on the right track. The Triangle is a hotbed of youth soccer, college soccer and our burgeoning Hispanic population represents a sizable, soccer savvy fan base.

My day job is baseball, but I'm sure MLS would be a success here. It's a good fit and our best shot at another major league franchise. That would add to the fast-growing Triangle's cachet.

Where to build and how to fund an 18,000 seat stadium is the big question? Maybe this week's visit by the MLS brass will jump start that conversation (and the inevitable debate!)

Obviously, I'm biased...but sports is a significant tool for community and economic development. GOAAAAAAL!!!!