Monday, June 25, 2012

Coast to Coast with Explorer Post 50

The Bulls 14-10 win over Buffalo aired on the MLB Network Monday afternoon. With our national footprint, we quickly added a couple hundred Twitter followers bringing the total to 9500. A contest to pinpoint our most distant fan went to a viewer in Olympia WA - 2900 miles from the Bull City. 

We try to include a few more "Chamber of Commerce" signature shots of downtown Durham in these telecasts - the snorting bull, the Lucky Strike chimney and water tower, the downtown skyline. (SunTrust makes out like a bandit with the gratis promotion.) 

As always, the game broadcast was produced by Explorer Post 50, our student TV crew. The extracurriculars on their college applications will look pretty impressive. Already this year, they have produced a game that was broadcast in Japan and two games for the MLB net. 

Multi-tasking: directing, audio & graphics in the control room

Close quarters: the instant replay booth