Thursday, July 5, 2012

Rockets Red Glare, Bombs Bursting in Air

We had a tremendous crowd for baseball and fireworks on the Fourth of July. It was the third largest in Bulls’ history (paid attendance: 11,117) and we estimate another four thousand outside the ballpark – on the American Tobacco trail, along the Durham Freeway, on the DPAC lawn and atop the downtown parking garages. Big night! Great fireworks show!

Neil Offen of the Herald-Sun was in the crowd. Click here for his story in Thursday’s paper.

When the fireworks were moved to the outfield several years ago, we were concerned about the pyrotechnics' impact. Since 1995 they had been launched from the parking lot - above the ballpark - that became the Diamond View II office building. Now, the rockets red glare from centerfield, and we have tweaked and perfected the “up close” experience. Fans actually sit beneath an umbrella of fireworks. It’s very loud...and quite spectacular!

Click here for a very cool shot posted on Flickr.