Sunday, February 24, 2013

And the Oscar goes to...

Capitol Broadcasting Co. held its annual Salesperson of the Year luncheon in early February. The company's top Account Executives received congratz and a plaque from CEO Jim Goodmon, but I waited until the Academy Awards to give our sports division AEs the red carpet treatment:

At the Durham Bulls Elizabeth Pritchett is a repeat winner. She was the 2012 leader in new business and contract renewals.

"My favorite thing about being in sales is finding the right prospect, putting the right idea in front of them, and having them go for it. It is so fulfilling when it all works out! And it's easy to sell for a company that is so committed to the community."

Elizabeth’s keys to success in sales: honesty & hard work.

At our sports radio stations Ben Johnson was the top salesperson. He was 32% ahead of his budget in 2012, and that was 51% better than the previous year! He is our digital expert and sales leader with the Internet components of sports radio.

"I always believe that I work for my clients. Both of us have to be successful. And I love selling for CBC because of the support from everyone. It is amazing to work for a company where egos are checked at the door."

Persistence & pride in your product are Ben's keys to success.