Wednesday, August 17, 2011

HD Radio (for dummies)

This is going to be geeky, but I want to report on our progress with HD Radio at 99.9 The Fan/ESPN Radio. It's another communications and entertainment advance thanks to digital technology.
While our engineers wince at this description, HD Radio allows us to insert additional stations into our existing FM frequency. With an HD Radio you can receive FOUR channels on The Fan's signal:
  1. WCMC 99.9 fm - The Fan's traditional analog station
  2. WCMC HD1 - The Fan's digital signal
  3. WCMC HD2 - ESPN News
  4. WCMC HD3 - WDNC 620/The Buzz
The latest development is that HD3 channel. We've put the audio of our Durham AM station on the FM band via HD Radio. If you live in the Raleigh area - with an HD Radio - you can listen to Durham Bulls baseball, Duke sports, Mark & Mike, Dan Patrick and Jim Rome...on the FM band...with digital sound. That's a serious upgrade for The Buzz.
Yes, you need the HD Radio, but otherwise, it's free! No subscription required.
Satellite radio had thwarted the roll-out of HD Radio, but auto makers are now installing radios with HD capability as standard equipment. It began with hi-end cars like the BMW and Benz, but Ford is on board...with more manufacturers in the pipeline.

This is our current HD Radio coverage area. Click the map to enlarge.

Here's a video explanation of HD Radio...