Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hurricane nears. Are you prepared?

I’m switching caps for this post…from baseball to broadcasting. Send this to ten friends. It should go viral. Do it before Hurricane Irene visits NC!

We have a false sense of security with our social media and communications technology. How do you stay in touch and informed? Cell phone…voice or text? Radio? TV? Websites? Twitter? Facebook?

I noticed after the April tornado that the reliability of all this stuff - that we take for granted - is a serious concern.

TV, radio and your PC are useless when you lose your electricity. If there’s a major storm, cable and landlines - that deliver your Internet service - could be down and dead.

Cell phones are likely to be unreliable, too…due to system overload. That happened after the earthquake on Tuesday. There was no damage, but the cell towers were maxed out due to call volume.

My advice is old school: make sure you have a portable radio w/fresh batteries.

WRAL TV5 News and MIX 101.5 have generators at their studio and transmitter sites. Even if your power and cable are out, you can still listen to the TV5 News audio on Mix 101.5. We always simulcast during emergencies.

We’ll fire up our generators. You supply the radio and fresh batteries.

The trusty Caterpillar generator at the MIX 101.5 studios in North Raleigh.