Monday, October 31, 2011

United we give. United we live.

Companies across the Triangle are rolling out their fall United Way campaigns. The 2011 effort began Monday at Capitol Broadcasting Co.

We are not a huge employer, but our staff has a big heart. CBC was ranked #12 on the United Way’s Impact 100 last year.

United Way is part of our corporate DNA.

CBC United Way boosters: Amy Baker, Wolfpack Sports Marketing;
Luanne Lane, 99.9 The Fan/620 The Buzz & Wool E. Bull

I’ve been involved with United Way campaigns for over a decade. We began with the slogan GIVE UNITED and that has morphed into LIVE UNITED…which combines giving, volunteerism and advocacy. Working with other companies in Durham and the RTP, I have recently seen a great example of that at Syngenta.

The biotech firm surpassed its goal ringing the bell at 103%. That’s the GIVE UNITED part - but hold on - there’s more:

According to Syngenta’s campaign leader Katie Seguin, their staff donated 753 pounds of food to the Inter-Faith Food Shuttle, and 60 of employees volunteered at eight United Way agencies for Syngenta in Action.

That, Ladies and Gentlemen, is an impressive commitment to LIVE UNITED!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Hilarity

Happy Halloween!
...from the Bulls' front office.

There's nothing frightening about our staff. No tricks. It's all about the treats with this group.

Yet another "casual Friday" at the DBAP. They claim to be hard at work during the off-season. I'm still searching for evidence...

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Dance Fever @ the World Series

It's an unwritten rule in the sports biz that you don't reveal the identity of your mascot.

Yes, there is a human being inside that costume. Don't tell the kids!!!

This video clip (below) is a former Wool E. Bull - who shall remain nameless - entertaining at the World Series.

BTW, before serving as Wool E. Bull he was Mr. Wuf at NCSU.
What a pedigree!

Our current Wool E. Bull isn't put out to pasture for the fall and winter. He is loitering around the ballpark - a mascot without purpose and direction. He's available for festivals, corporate/non-profit events, even for your kid's birthday party. Send his executive assistant an e-mail; click here. His people will call your people.

And consider inviting Wool E. to your house for Thanksgiving. He needs something to do.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Project Homeless Connect

"...the genius of Project Homeless Connect is that it remembers that people need more than material incentives, and that having a community and a network of personal connections is the strongest defense against homelessness."
(Herald-Sun Editorial)

We hosted Project Homeless Connect last Thursday. While Durham has made a civic pledge to end homelessness, the problem is a BIG one. (Durham's Ten Year Plan to End Homelessness) According to an HUD study last fall, almost 3500 people sought emergency shelter or transitional housing in Durham during a 12-month period.
  • 12% of the homeless in Durham are children
  • 18% of homeless adults are veterans
  • 34% of homeless Durham adults indicate that unemployment is the primary cause
  • 14% of Durham’s homeless people are employed
  • 76% of homeless adults in Durham report having been diagnosed with a disability or long-term illness
The Herald-Sun provided detailed (and thought-provoking) coverage of the DBAP event. Check it out:

Friday, October 14, 2011

Pink Friday

I didn't read the memo, so I hope to atone with this post...

It was PINK FRIDAY in the Durham Bulls front office as the staff observed Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

How 'bout those Bulls' jerseys trimmed in pink!?!

And GM Mike Birling - our resident slave to fashion - wore his pink bedroom slippers. I'm pretty sure that color is "sweet pea pink."

The Bulls staff | Durham's answer to Dunder Mifflin

Monday, October 10, 2011

Occupy DBAP

Occupy Wall Street is grabbing headlines. There was even an Occupy Durham this past weekend, but the Durham Bulls Athletic Park was occupied by the World Beer Festival on Saturday.

It was revelry rather than revolution in our house.

The afternoon and evening sessions of the 16th annual event drew over 8,000 beer enthusiasts - a sell-out.

The Herald-Sun did a preview; click here. The festival is
a production of All About Beer magazine.

A very nice sunset for the evening session. Photo by Bulls GM Mike Birling.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Towing Enforced

Great Moments in Sports Promotion!

This happened a few weeks ago when 99.9 FM - The Fan was doing a remote broadcast from the Wolfpack Fan Zone. It was not a case or predatory towing. We parked the station SUV in the wrong space. (I'm sure an intern took the blame!?!)

A loyal listener e-mailed the we would have this highlight of our parking lot fumble.

Rubber duckies = $30K

We're on sports overload this time of year: football, MLB play-offs, the NASCAR chase, Hurricanes opener and...

The Great American Tobacco Duck Race!

The duck race is an annual feature of the Fox 50 Family Fest on the American Tobacco campus.

Duck sponsorships totaled $30,000 for three of our favorite non-profits: Durham Literacy Center, Durham Bulls Explorer Post 50 and the Inter-Faith Food Shuttle. The event was October 1st.

The Bulls' Explorer Post 50 raised $7500 for its scholarship fund at the Triangle Community Foundation.

Post 50 advisors: Ken Bland of SAS and post alumnae Charlotte Claypoole are loyal volunteers. Charlotte is a video tech for the Durham Public Schools. We appreciate your commitment to Post 50...and schlepping all those ducks!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Inside Baseball...with Mike Birling

You must be a passionate, determined and competitive person to succeed in this business. Durham Bulls GM Mike Birling

Here's a great interview with Mike. Check it out at It was posted on Monday while Mike was in St. Pete watching the Rays vs. Rangers. Was he hounded by autograph seekers at the Trop?