Wednesday, November 26, 2014


What a marvelous year! 

And a day to count my blessings: 

South Division Champs, record attendance, the $25mm DBAP make-over, staging the Triple-A All-Star Game, chosen to host the ACC Baseball Championships, the Bull City Summer art project, expanded television coverage, the 10th anniversary of our downtown American Tobacco Campus... 

I'll stop there and offer a hearty (four-minute) THANK YOU to our fans, Bulls' sponsors, our dedicated staff, the Tampa Bay Rays and the City of Durham:

Friday, November 21, 2014

Playdate for Grown Ups

We are not finished with the DBAP make-over. Improvements to our right field play area are next on the agenda. To get the creative juices flowing, GM Mike Birling had the brilliant idea to attend the IAAPA Expo in Orlando. That's the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions. 

We flew down last Tuesday and spent the day at this gigantic trade show - nine miles of exhibits! Inflatables from Ireland, carnival rides from Italy, carousels from Poland. Truth be told, it was overwhelming. I need to think like a first grader. (That shouldn't be so hard!)

I'm trying to figure out how to build a wave pool in the right field corner of the ballpark? Or dancing waters in the batter's eye? Or a zip line spanning the outfield seats? (Just kidding...maybe.) The Baseball Winter Meetings are next month in San Diego. That's another mammoth trade show. We will sort this out during the winter. Imagination will become reality by next April.