Monday, February 7, 2011

Cheesehead Alert!

We are very concerned about Bulls' GM Mike Birling. He took his family to the Super Bowl, but tweets and Facebook postings have been sparse...and he's normally pretty chatty on social media. He has disappeared from the grid!??!

Mike's kids made a fleeting in-the-background appearance on the Fox pre-game show, but his only Facebook post came at about 11pm Sunday via his Blackberry:

"Tears falling down my face."

That's the last anyone heard from him. I assume that he has entered some sort of cheesehead nirvana that can be truly appreciated only by Wisconsin natives.

His Packer loyalty was certainly rewarded last night...his post-Favre depression resolved. He went to Dallas without tickets. A compulsion. A pilgrimage. (No one in our company could nab seats for him, and we have pretty good connections. It was very humbling.) But Mike went anyway, and we believe that he did get into the stadium...only rumors, confirmation.

Mike, let us hear from you!?! Send a tweet. Post a photo. Please!

(That is not Mike in the photo.)