Monday, February 14, 2011

DNA of Top Sales Reps

What makes a great salesperson? We asked our top marketing representatives that question. They’re the experts after all.

Every January Capitol Broadcasting Company recognizes its outstanding salespeople. Thirteen men and women received awards last month. They are the leading TV Account Executives in Raleigh-Durham, Charlotte and Wilmington; the top radio sales reps in the Triangle and along Carolina’s coast. They market global satellite services, the Internet and mobile technology. Sports marketing rounds out the portfolio, collegiate and professional teams.

Each award-winning AE was asked to name two key characteristics of a high-achieving salesperson. With the help of CBC's Corporate Web Editor, Andrea Osborne, I compiled their answers:
  • Integrity
  • Spirited: happy, enthusiastic, confident & passionate
  • Persistent
  • Organized
  • Driven
  • Goal oriented - setting daily, weekly, monthly & yearly objectives
  • Patient
  • Knows when to walk away from a bad deal
  • Creative
  • Customer service: consistent, go-the-extra-mile service
  • Good listener (& knows when to shut up!)
  • Builds relationships
  • Belief in your product
  • Student of your industry & always learning
  • Teflon coated: don't let anything bother you
I believe that I have the outline for a top-selling business book!