Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Oh Say Can You...Sing?

I rise to defend Christina Aguilera. She’s taken a beating for her National Anthem flub at the Super Bowl. At least she was dressed tastefully. I was relieved that she didn't wear a bustier…so cut her some slack!

The Brooklyn Cyclones ball club has invited her to NYC for a do-over this summer. The Durham Bulls would be happy to offer one of our games for atonement, too.

I’ve heard a lot of National Anthems. We present 72 of them per year. It’s a tough tune. Some singers try too hard…get carried away…or get nervous…and run aground. When we owned the Myrtle Beach Pelicans, we had a gentlemen in his 70’s sing the NA one evening. This guy was a basso profundo…tremendous delivery. However, he totally winged it with the lyrics…concocted a new version of the song…but musically, it was on the money.

The Bulls will hold try-outs for NA singers on February 26th. Our Director of Promotions and Media Relations, Matt DeMargel, will be listening for respectful, traditional renditions that time out at seventy seconds. We’re not looking for a Mariah Carey-style glissando where the singer runs up and down the scale and stretches the anthem to three minutes. (On second thought, I could probably convince Matt to let Mariah take a crack at it.)

I asked Matt to list his top five NA performances at the DBAP (in no particular order)...

Country artist Jason Michael Carroll

Broadway’s Patti LuPone

Gospel singer Shirley Caesar

American Idol’s Clay Aiken