Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Bulls' Global Reach

5400 hundred miles from downtown Durham, on the west coast of Africa, we find the Bulls well represented in the deep bush of Ghana.

That’s the Chief of Yagaba with a Durham Bulls backpack.

No, he didn’t order it online. It was a gift from our good friend Winkie La Force. She was in Ghana over the holidays - lived in a mud hut for two weeks - on a mission trip with Chapel Hill Bible Church. Winkie has been to Africa six times; three of those trips have been to Ghana.

Winkie usually takes a box of Bulls caps, but she discovered a higher purpose for our backpacks: “They loved them…the Bible fits in them perfectly…and they all ride bikes, no cars...they were a hit!

Stateside, Winkie is Executive Director of Leadership Triangle. Her mission: train leaders in our community with a regional perspective. Winkie walks the talk…with a global perspective!

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The famous Durham Bulls logo can show up just about anywhere in the world, typically on a cap. And often on a famous head. From NPR hosts, check out our celebrity photos!