Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Championship Bling

Rewind to 1967…Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum...and the first Super Bowl. Coach Vince Lombardi’s Green Bay Packers vs. the Kansas City Chiefs. Green Bay’s Bart Starr is 16 of 23 for 250 yards and two TDs. He’s chosen MVP in the Packers 35-10 win.

The Super Bowl I victors receive championship rings, crafted by Jostens. That was the day athletes stopped playing for trophies and started fighting for the right to wear The Ring (according to the Jostens catalog.)

With that over-the-top, Super Bowl week build-up, I’m unveiling the design of the Bulls’ 2009 National Championship Ring…from Jostens, of course:

The rings will be presented to players and staff at the Durham Bulls Athletic Park on Easter weekend during the Bulls/Tampa Bay Rays Exhibition Game. (Saturday, April 3rd, festivities begin at 1:00, game at 3:00)

Super Bowl I did not represent the advent of championship rings. It began with hockey. The first Stanley Cup championship ring dates back to 1893, the first year of the Stanley Cup, won by Montreal. And the first championship ring awarded to players by their team was for the 1922 NFL World Champions, the New York Giants. Check out for photos.

You can tell I’m excited about the Bulls’ championship ring. 2009 was a special, extraordinary season, and this is unique bling. So, I was chagrinned to learn that you can order your own championship ring if you’re the top dog in your fantasy sports league or a master at Madden NFL. Wait a minute - I’ll get a ring for being a front office desk jockey. Who am I to complain!?!