Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Colin Firth...on a roll!

Actor Colin Firth won a Golden Globe last week for The King’s Speech and seems to be a shoe-in for an Academy Award. The film received twelve Oscar nominations Tuesday.

We’re big fans-o-Firth. He was here in Durham in the spring of 2009 filming the movie Main Street. His family made a couple of trips to the ballpark, and they made a very good impression. Thoughtful, gracious folks with two impeccably behaved little boys. Firth seems like a guy who's committed to his craft, not to the trappings of show biz.

Given Firth's current success, it dawned on me that Main Street has not found its way into theaters. What happened to it?

It had a strong cast: Orlando Bloom, Ellen Burstyn, Amber Tamblyn. It was written by two-time Academy Award winner Horton Foote, a final project before his 2009 death.

Main Street premiered at an Austin film festival last fall...didn’t seem to get any traction. Here’s a not-so-good review.

Meanwhile, Main Street is in the Netflix catalog as a pending DVD release. I’m waiting to put it in my queue...