Thursday, March 17, 2011

A fond farewell to Dillard's 'cue

A Bull City institution and eatery is closing its doors this week. Dillard's Bar-b-q will serve its last barbecue platter on Friday. No more chitlins, catfish or greens either.

There's an impact on the ballpark, too. Dillard's was our purveyor of 'cue dating back to the 1980's in the old Durham Athletic Park. Last season we sold 6,500 pork sandwiches. In total, we purchased over 4,000 pounds of Dillard's pulled pork for the concession stands and picnics in 2010. That's some serious pig pickin'!

...but I want to focus on the restaurant. "Soul food" was their fare, and it was more than a style of cuisine. You could say the Dillard family put the soul in soul food. That's how I feel about Wilma Dillard. She ran the place for her family, employees and the community...with a warm personality and a generous soul. Godspeed in the next chapter of your life. Stay out of the kitchen!

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