Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sounds of Summer

The term sports marketing evokes classic Super Bowl ads and irreverent beer commercials.

…but there are more meaningful applications of our trade, and that’s what occurred at last Wednesday's afternoon game.

Cochlear Americas - they make hearing implants - sponsored the game and invited their customers (or patients?) to the DBAP to celebrate the
Sounds of Summer.

Before their cochlear implant (something I put in the miracle category) these folks couldn’t hear the National Anthem, the crack of the bat or the cotton candy barker. They couldn’t enjoy singing
Take Me Out to the Ball Game. The implant was a game changer!

"The greatest thrill is I'm able to talk, understand and be a part of my grandchildren's life."

That’s a quote from Stuart Nelson, a Chapel Hill granddad. Regina Wang captures his story and the event for the News & Observer.
Click here for the article.

Bill Law of the Bulls and Mr. Nelson observe the month of May as Better Hearing and Speech Month. The kids led the singing of Take Me Out to the Ball Game during the seventh inning stretch...

71,000 adults and children in the US have received cochlear implants, but that's only 5% of those with hearing loss who might benefit.

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