Monday, July 4, 2011

July 4th Do-over

Let's take another swing at Independence Day...on July 5th.

Rain washed out USA vs. Japan and the post-game City of Durham fireworks extravaganza, so we will try again Tuesday evening. Gates open at 5pm for the 6:05 game. Bring your Monday night ticket for admission, and click here for more info.

A highlight of the holiday weekend was the Bright Leaf Hot Dog Eating Contest on Sunday. The News & Observer was all over the mustard and chili on a hot dog. Check out the article and Takaaki Iwabu's photo essay.

Our contest had a five-minute time limit and Bulls' manager Matt DeMargel consumed the most hot dogs - nine. But compare that to the legendary Nathan's contest in NYC Monday. It's a ten-minute engorgement, and the winner swallowed sixty-two hot dogs! Isn't gluttony one of the seven deadly sins!?!